Representative Cases & Settlements

Representative Cases & Settlements

ZLG has attained significant victories on behalf of our clients. Below are a sampling of the law firm’s victories and types of clients ZLG currently represents:

Construction Injury

Represented client permanently disabled in a construction injury. Settlement of 1.9 million.

Employment Discrimination

Represented collective of claimants in employment discrimination matter. Total settlement of $1.7 million.

Excessive Force

Represented client who was a victim and survived a brutal physical assault and subsequent shooting by police officers. Settlement of $850,000.

Residential Fire Wrongful Death

Represented the family of a wrongful death victim involving a negligence action against a landlord in a residential fire. Settlement of $800,000.

Elevator Injury

Represented client who injured his knee against an elevator company for failure to provide adequate maintenance resulting in an early pre-litigation settlement of $90,000.

Pro Bono Parole Hearing

Successfully represented client with his youth offender parole hearing at California Men’s Colony State prison after conviction at 17 years old and sentenced to life in prison.

Police Abuse

Currently represent client in civil rights action against police department who shot client with projectile while attending a BLM protest, resulting in serious injury.

Wrongful Conviction

Currently represent a client with a wrongful conviction civil rights action after serving over 25 years on death row and having his conviction vacated by the California Supreme Court.

Prison Lawsuit

Currently represent the family of a client who died while in custody of the California Department of Corrections after contracting Covid-19.

Semi-truck Wrongful Death

Represent family of loved one who died while driving his vehicle into a semi-truck on the interstate in civil action against the driver and owner of the semi-truck.

Products Liability

Currently represent client in a products liability action involving the death of a truck driver on the interstate.

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